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Considered Blessed Education to fulfill your potential? 

At Blessed our 'Schools' have been established to assist you as a young student to reach your learning potential and achieve your goals. The classes are small (maximum of 10 students) and are designed to complement school work in conjunction with the national curriculum.
Daytime - Full or Part time school from year 7 to 11
Small classes studying a broad balanced curriculum 
Our success is achieved by small class sizes in a safe environment where we build trust and the students develop a good self esteem and confidence. We also recruit excellent and well experienced teachers who are passionate about their subjects and are able to positively impact the students. 

Alternative Education

Specially tailored tuition for some children who may not accelerate at the same pace as their counterparts: due to English being their second language, children who have behavioural challenges or SEN.

Whatever the reason, we aim to meet that need and bridge the gap where mainstream schools have been unable to do so.
Our experienced tutors and trained teachers can offer:

• Small groups
• One-to-one attention
• Home tuition

Learn new skills at our Saturday School

• The classes/workshops are small so that each child is given an amount of individual attention by the tutor
• Each student is set work specific to his/her needs by the use of recommended text books and work sheets
• Group class work and discussions help build the confidence of students
• All tutors are qualified and experienced in their subject area and tutor the students to achieve high standards

Saturday School Fees


One Subject - £25

Two Subjects - £40

Three Subjects - £60


One Subject - £40

Two Subjects - £70

Three Subjects - £100

Do you need to excel in your academic studies?

Blessed Ltd Saturday School offers the following education programmes:

• Help with home work
• Entrance exams
• 11+
• GCSEs (can also take early GCSEs)
• AS and A levels
• KS1 - KS4 

Our timetable is as follows:

Wimbledon Saturday School

Science: 10.00am - 12.00pm
English: 12.00am - 2.00pm
Maths: 2.00pm - 4.00pm
Croydon Saturday School

Maths: 10.00am - 12.00pm
English & Science: 12.00am - 2.00pm

Wimbledon Saturday School
238 Merton High Street, 
SW19 1AU

Croydon Saturday School
CVA Building
82 London Road, Croydon 

One-to-One Tuition and Private Tuition

One-to-one & private tuition

Private Tuition (Tutor & Student)

Private tuition, evenings, weekends, during holidays and term-times in any subject at all levels.

Qualified and Experienced Tutors available for Infants and Primary levels, Secondary to GCSE, Secondary to AS & A Level, College and University levels, Private tuition in all subjects to GCSE, A Level and University Levels.

At your home or our training centre.

11 + Preparation for Selection tests

Tuition for students in years 4 & 5 for 11 plus exams.

These highly competitive exams are for children attempting to gain entrance into various Independent and Grammar Schools.

• Maths 
• English
• Verbal reasoning
• Non-verbal reasoning
• How to work quickly and accurately 
• How to find and follow patterns and rules
• How to process graphical and pictorial information
• Essay writing
• Reading and comprehension
• Multiple choice questions and many more techniques.

We test to assess, teach to progress and test to improve.
"I’ve been attending for almost a year and I really enjoy my Maths lessons; the teacher is very good and I fully understand his techniques. 

My grades were C/D now my current grade is B". 

I. Igbimoita
Looking for a tutor to complement national curriculum school work?
Call on us on 
020 8544 1551
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